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If you need cargo delivery from Europe to Ukraine on a turnkey basis, the Карго-крс company is the best decision.

     High-quality logistics is the most important aspect, without which it is impossible to imagine the normal performance of an enterprise and the business as a whole. Most of the companies and businesses cooperate with partners from Europe and tend to establish an optimal cargo delivery system. In order to do this, it is necessary to contact a reliable company that provides international cargo transportation from Europe. The Карго-крс company delivers cargo from Europe to every corner of Ukraine daily.

Доставка грузов из Европы

Our benefits:

  • Comprehensive approach;
  • Great experience;
  • Reliability;
  • Modern fully equipped vehicle fleet;
  • Reasonable price.


Calculate the price of your delivery with just a few clicks.

Why do we provide cargo transportation from Europe?

Nowadays, cargo delivery from Europe to Ukraine service is very popular. Strong business relations with most of the European countries have a beneficial effect and develop the economy of our country. However, cargo delivery from Europe is a matter that requires special knowledge that our transportation & logistics company possess as a result of long experience.

A person who is not familiar with all the nuances of filling out customs documents and other characteristics of cargo transportation can slow down the whole process and violate the delivery time. That is why our Карго-крс company, which workers are real professionals, is ready to tackle the problem and take the full responsibility. Trust us transportation of your cargo and you can be sure that it will proceed smoothly. Partnership with us means minimizing possible loss and logistics risks. Making cargo delivery from Europe simple and affordable for our clients is our main goal.

You can order the service by calling using phone numbers on the website.

Delivery price

The cost issue of cargo transportation is something that interests almost all clients. Making the cargo transportation market affordable for everyone is one of our goals. Therefore, this service is well affordable for clients, but the exact price is determined for each case. The final price includes the volume of the cargo, characteristics and the distance that is needed to be covered. You can calculate the estimated price and learn more about the details from our managers. Also, you can calculate the estimated price on our website by filling out a special form.

We offer very beneficial prices for cargo transportation from Europe and cargo delivery from China, that is why so many clients choose us.

We can deliver various cargo from Europe

The Карго-крс company offers its services for transportation of:

  • Small cargo;
  • Consolidated cargo;
  • Cargo by trailer trucks;
  • Transshipment cargo.

Drivers of our vehicles move strictly along the planned route and you can verify this yourself and track their location at any time.

All the necessary contact information is available on our website in the respective section. Our welcoming managers are ready to promptly introduce our client to special aspects and prices of delivering cargo from Europe. We value the time of our clients, that is why we work fast and reliably, delivering goods from Turkey and Europe in the declared time.

The Карго-крс company is a leading company in cargo transportation in Ukraine. We can guarantee an individual approach to each client and mutually beneficial terms for partnership. Contact us right now and make certain of the high level of professionalism of the Карго-крс company.

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